Rely on our Behavior-Based Safety Expertise to Engage your Workforce and Leadership.

Has your safety management program stagnated? Or did it never really get started? Even organizations with the best intentions to increase safety in their environments can struggle with worker adoption. To see true adoption in your safety program, the ability to engage your workers is critical. The best way to truly change workforce engagement and achieve a safer work environment is by implementing a Behavior-Based Safety (BBS) process.

Predictive Solutions has deep expertise not only with safety management technology, but also with critical professional services like Behavior-Based Safety consulting. Our team of experts are recognized throughout the safety industry as experts and has been customizing BBS processes to fit organizations’ unique cultures since 2001. Our team will provide the guidance necessary to implement a BBS process that is enhanced by leading-edge technology and define processes that set the stage for success and sustainability. Our comprehensive process goes beyond traditional BBS to incorporate the latest in thinking around creating a true learning organization, Human Performance, and Servant Leadership. This unique process, along with the use of combined leading and lagging indicators, helps create engaged workers and a truly supportive leadership culture.

Our clients rely on Predictive Solutions Behavior-Based Safety Services to:

  • Understand their true state of safety through a Safety Culture gap analysis

  • Create a custom BBS process based on proven techniques to ensure critical areas of focus and gaps are addressed

  • Work with leadership teams to ensure real change is fostered and trust between leadership and workforce flourishes

  • Use safety analytics to track the impact of their custom BBS process and help identify focus areas for improvement