SmartWork For Job Sites

SmartWork takes the hassle out of job site management by bringing the team together.

The fate of your project depends on your ability to effectively communicate and manage resources.  Your processes need to be precise, efficient, and accurate so that you can hit your deadlines. With SmartWork on your team’s mobile devices, you can eliminate operational delays and get to work sooner.

SmartWork provides workers and project supervisors with a way to build standardized checklists for your work site procedures. As tasks are completed, real-time notifications to project managers and other approvers maintain momentum and progress workflows to the next step. SmartWork helps your team efficiently follow each specific job site process.

SmartWork improves job site management by helping users: 

    • Manage any general job site process including:
      • Start-up and testing reports for all equipment
      • Listing of any attic stock that will be turned over
      • Final punch lists
      • Final pay application
      • Project closure verification
    • Add structure to existing processes for submitting requests or reports to supervisors
    • Build standardized checklists for site preparation to avoid delays in project starts
    • Prompt workers to conduct site inspections and notify on completion

Ready to Streamline Your Job Site Processes?

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