SmartWork For Job Hazard and Safety Assessments

Ensure consistency and compliance in your job site safety programs with SmartWork’s digital JHAs/JSAs.

You strive to keep workers safe on the job, but if hazardous job site environments are not thoroughly assessed because the process is too time-consuming and tedious to complete, then it is difficult to minimize the risk of incidents and injuries. SmartWork gives your team the tools to identify uncontrolled hazards before they occur quickly, easily, and efficiently, creating consistency in even the most remote project sites.

With SmartWork, the job hazard assessment form is instantly available to onsite supervisors and employees. The JHA includes all the required information and tasks to properly assess job hazards and provides the ability for each worker to digitally review and sign. Once each assigned worker has completed their review, the JHA can be finalized and automated notifications sent to the safety office. If corrections need to be made to make the environment safe prior to starting work, the necessary tasks can be captured and signed off on when complete. Because the JHAs are stored digitally, verifying hazard analyses and confirming worker sign off is quick and simple, easing the tedium typically associated with verifying compliance.

Improve your job hazard analyses with SmartWork and: 

  • Quickly create, sign, validate, and store JHAs to keep your job sites compliant and your workers informed
  • Enable clear and consistent communication about hazards to ensure workers understand the environments, tools, and the steps necessary to make corrections prior to starting work
  • Ensure the right JHAs are available for each type of environment by customizing forms to match each site review process
  • Increase participation in safety program reporting with more accessible digital forms
  • Automatically notify key stakeholders for each documented JHA


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