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Amplify your data with SmartWork

SmartWork is a comprehensive self-serve suite of products that integrates with your existing workflows to improve the productivity, security, safety, and health of your workplace. Our customizable tools can be formatted for optimal use at your organization to drive the most value.

The SmartWork Product Family

SmartWork is the most flexible, powerful, and easy-to-use product for collecting, processing, and analyzing data available.
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Looking for a self-serve solution to collect and analyze data at your workplace?

SmartWork offers fully customizable products that elevate the efficiency of your workflows while driving improvement at all levels of your organization. Many organizations collect sub-par data and are then unable to find meaningful insights. Rather than get hampered by poor data, empower your organization to drive continual improvement with the SmartWork suite of data collection products, including Collect, Analyze, Process, and Predict.

SmartWork creates a safer workplace by seamlessly integrating best practices with a suite of innovative and predictive products designed for your existing workflow

SmartWork Makes It Easy To



Form framework to simplify data collection

Do you want to collect data exactly how you want? Collect is a framework that eases the data collection process by utilizing predefined templates or designing custom templates.


Enhanced business intelligence and data visualization

You collect a lot of data, but what can you do with it? Analyze answers all your business questions by bringing your data to life through advanced business intelligence.


Workflow and process management built by you

Are your business processes hard to manage? Process enables you to define every aspect of your workflow to keep your business running smoothly.


Prevent incidents before they occur

What are you doing with your data? Predict uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to help you interpret your data and provide focus.

Predictive Solutions Customers

Making the Case for Predictive Analytics in Workplace Safety

Workplace injuries can be predicted with accuracy rates as high as 97%.


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