Transform Your Job Site Safety Process with Mobile Technology

SmartWork is a web and mobile-ready app that brings efficient workflow processes right to your job sites, accelerating the approvals and processes for permit to work, JHAs/JSAs, and job site management.



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Are you stuck manually managing & storing job site paperwork?

The hard costs and risks associated with storing and maintaining records have always challenged our industry. Add in time-consuming and costly bottlenecks, lack of standardization across your work sites, and valuable insights buried in mountains of paper, and you are left with processes that negatively impact your company’s success.

Eliminate your documentation challenges with SmartWork. SmartWork’s form customization and process workflow tools enable you to effortlessly eliminate your documentation headaches, increase efficiencies, and standardize business processes.

SmartWork Makes It Easy To:

Take Control of Your Critical Job Safety Documents


Permit to Work

For confined spaces, hot work, cold work, excavation, LOTO, and more, easily manage permit completion, review, and approval process to ensure your work starts on time and under approved conditions.


Safety Inspection & Checklists

Automate your safety observation process and track tasks and open issues with customizable checklists for flexibility and control.



Quickly create, sign, validate, and store JHAs/JSAs to keep your job sites compliant and your workers informed.


General Job Site Management

Keep work moving by connecting all forms across organization and job site, automating alerts, and mobile approvals for increased efficiency.

Escape the Shortcomings of Paper-Based Processes

Quickly and easily transform any paper form into an electronic form for continued process compliance

Instantly submit digital reports anytime, anywhere —on
or offline

Eliminate lost and damaged permits due to job site environmental factors

Standardize processes across your organization and job sites for consistency

Remove the need to physically track down approvals with efficient automated review and approvals to keep work on track 

Assign tasks and keep your team and stakeholders informed through automatic progress alerts 

Automate the routine permit to work process for increased accuracy and analysis



Mascaro implemented SmartWork, a web and mobile-ready app, to automate its paper-based safety forms and processes, enabling greater control over accuracy and completeness. Great strides have been made to improve productivity both on the job site and in the central safety office through automation. Using SmartWork has given Mascaro personnel the confidence they need to ensure the right processes are taking place, and the forms are safely stored electronically for easy access in case of an audit or client request.

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