Our Software Saves Lives by Predicting Workplace Injuries

SafetyNet: The Workplace Safety Solution

SafetyNet is the leading safety management system for saving lives by predicting workplace injuries.

Safety professionals are tasked with continuously improving their safety cultures and eliminating injuries. They often find they can only get so far when employing traditional safety improvement methods – safety training, lagging indicator and incident analysis, safety consulting services, etc. While short-term results are relatively easy to obtain, long-term sustainable results are often elusive. Many find that progress in their safety program begins to stagnate leading to a plateau effect.

There is another way. Put your employees’ safety first by predicting workplace injuries with SafetyNet. SafetyNet is the leading technol­ogy for saving lives by predict­ing workplace injuries. It employs advanced and predictive analytics on customers’ safety inspection and observation data to create leading indicators, and even predictions about future risk, in real time. With this information, users are able to proactively prevent incidents and injuries.

SafetyNet, a hosted Software-as-a- Service (SaaS) cloud-based solution, is the only software solution in the world with industry proven predictive modeling that can answer the question: “Will I have an incident tomorrow?”

Phase 1: Design

Configures the Implementation Plan and software based on your organization’s vision, strategy, plan and budget.

  • Incorporate the company’s vision for workplace safety and any goals and objectives tied to that vision
  • Identify gaps between the current and desired state and create a strategy and plan for closing those gaps
  • Collect information for the configuration and delivery of the software, including technical information such as inspection checklists, contacts, locations and users

Phase 2: Deliver

Executes the customized Implementation Plan across the organization including tactical training for all end users of the software, as well as strategic training for the company’s leaders and managers who will drive sustainability.

  • Observer Training – Prepares users of Predictive Solutions’ Web and mobile technologies to document safety inspections and observations
  • Report Training – Provides a tutorial on how to use the software to help identify areas of risk and predict where the next injury is likely to occur
  • Administrative Training – Provides instruction on how to make administrative updates to the software as an organization evolves, such as adding a new user, work groups, etc.

Phase 3: Follow-Up

Measures the results to date of the customized Implementation Plan to ensure it is on track to meet the organization’s objectives. Where needed, the Implementation Plan is further customized and adjusted to account for any new developments.

  • Review the results to date to determine trends and establish benchmarks
  • Identify and addresses any significant deviation from the Plan developed in the Design step
  • Uncover unexpected areas of need which should be accounted for and met with a solution

Phase 4: Sustainability Review

Ensures the health of the overall Implementation initiative including constant progress and long-term success. Key metrics are benchmarked against other Predictive Solutions’ customers to identify areas for improvement.

  • Review key success metrics such as utilization, quality of observations and leading and lagging indicator trends
  • Review successes and opportunities for improvement as compared to the Plan developed in the Design step
  • Identify any changes to your organization’s vision, goals or objectives for workplace safety, and configures the software to align with the changes
  • Benchmark your results against best-in-class results from other Predictive Solutions customers

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