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SafetyNet Web Services / APIs

Do you collect an abundance of meaningful safety data that ends up getting siloed, walled off, and stuck in disparate safety software systems? Do you struggle to analyze this data because you’re unable to get it all in one place? Or, do you struggle to keep the data in your safety software systems in synch with your ERP, HR, or project management systems? Are you burdened by manually entering data into one system that already resides digitally in another system?

No matter where your organization is in its quest for great safety performance, if information and insights about safety reside in a system with limited access, you can only go so far.

What are SafetyNet Web Services?

Unlock the value and potential of your safety data with SafetyNet Web Services. With a standard set of APIs (application programming interfaces), SafetyNet Web Services enable your safety data to be shared with any of your businesses systems including your ERP, HR, project management, incident management, and training systems. In addition, your safety data can be made available in existing homegrown applications or where ever it makes the most sense for your business.

Not only do Web Services allow you to conveniently push information from SafetyNet out into your organization, but it also makes it easier to pull data into SafetyNet. This can be helpful when attempting to:

  • Upload or download significant amounts of data (e.g. user accounts, company accounts, inspections/observations, incidents, etc.)
  • Execute recurring updates or refreshes of data (e.g. daily/weekly updates of personnel or project/location records)
  • Ensure the data in SafetyNet is in synch with internal software systems (e.g. an ERP, HR, incident management, or training system)
  • Pull data from SafetyNet for customized management reports that are created or reside outside of SafetyNet (e.g. management dashboards)

How are SafetyNet Web Services delivered?

SafetyNet Web Services are APIs built on standard SOAP (simple object access protocols) over HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure) transport so that any company with experience building web service connections should be able to easily engage with the service. However, it may require the involvement of an IT professional or software developer. If a customer does not have these API capabilities, a flat file (Excel) transfer process can also be supported, or Predictive Solutions can code a customer’s API interface directly.

Once a customer has subscribed to SafetyNet Web Services, a Web Services/API Reference Document will be delivered with detailed specifications on how to engage with the service.

SafetyNet Web Services are maintained as a technology service. There is an initial setup fee followed by ongoing licensing fees associated with the service.

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SafetyNet Web Services FAQs

Q: What data elements does SafetyNet Web Services currently support?
SafetyNet Web Services will support the upload, download, and updating of the most frequently used data elements associated with SafetyNet including users, incidents, inspections, observations, projects/locations, contacts, and companies. Please contact Predictive Solutions for more detailed information about specific data elements supported.
Q: Can I upload, download, or edit any data element and/or create customized upload, download, and editing web service “calls”?
Yes, we have identified the data elements that are most likely to be of interest to our customers for upload, download, or editing. If there are data elements that SafetyNet Web Services does not currently support, customers can simply make an enhancement request which will be handled in our normal solution enhancement process.
Q: Are SafetyNet Web Services an integration between SafetyNet and my other internal systems (e.g. ERP, Project Management, Case Management System, Training System, etc.)?
Yes, however, some might consider it a “loose” integration. SafetyNet Web Services allows for certain data elements to be communicated back and forth between SafetyNet and other software systems via the Internet.
Q: Does SafetyNet Web Services support other “integration” functionality like Single Sign-On (SSO), Active Directory, etc.?
Not at this time. However, these could be considered for future enhancements to SafetyNet or SafetyNet Web Services.
Q: Can I set up scheduled, automatic data uploads, downloads, or editing through SafetyNet Web Services?
Yes. This is supported in SafetyNet Web Service, but these scheduled SafetyNet Web Service “calls” will need to be created by the customer or Predictive Solutions on behalf of the customer.
Q: Will technical support be available when using SafetyNet Web Services?
Yes. When setting up or adjusting access to SafetyNet Web Services, a customer can contact Predictive Solutions’ Technical Support Team just as they would for any technical issue associated with our other solutions. If the Technical Support Team cannot solve the issue, it will be escalated to our Software Development Team that will help to resolve the issue.
Q: Can I utilize SafetyNet Web Services if I have no internal API/web services technical capabilities?
Yes. There are two options in this case. First, a customer can utilize these services by contracting with Predictive Solutions or an external IT consultant with the skills to build web service/API data transfers. SafetyNet Web Services are built using standard API/web service protocols such that any savvy IT professional with experience in this field should be able to engage with the solution. Second, a customer can work with Predictive Solutions to develop a more manual interaction with SafetyNet Web Services using flat files (like Excel, .csv files, etc.), however additional setup and maintenance fees may be required to access this additional service.

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