Improve Construction Site Safety by Predicting and Preventing Workplace Injuries

Advanced and Predictive Analytics Can Improve Construction Site Safety Programs

Research on four years of construction site data has proven that trending data from construction site safety inspections can improve loss categories by predicting, and then preventing, workplace injuries. Construction site safety predictive models have been proven in the field with accuracy rates ranging from 80-97%. Actual construction site safety Case studies results have shown that if injuries can be accurately predicted, they can be prevented.

Construction sites are some of the riskiest job sites of any industry. It takes years of experience to fully understand and know how to manage ever-changing construction site safety risks. Predictive Solutions was founded in 2001 within a construction company based in California. With roots in the construction industry, Predictive Solutions has been working in the field of construction site safety ever since. Three of the top five ENR (Engineering News Record) contractors use Predictive Solutions’ SafetyNet to help them reduce workplace injuries and improve their safety cultures, as well as thousands of project sites across scores of smaller contractors down the ENR list.

SafetyNet helps customers collect and analyze construction site safety data, and then makes predictions as to which projects, contractors, crews, or even work tasks are most at risk of increased injuries. Armed with this predictive capability, construction companies are able to take proactive steps to prevent injuries before they occur.

Whether you are an insurer, owner, general contractor (GC), construction management firm (CM), or specialized sub-contractor, SafetyNet can be configured to meet your specific construction site safety requirements. SafetyNet can support multiple inspection checklists to cover various categories and methodologies, from comprehensive conditions and compliance-based checklists, to people or behavior-based checklists, even to safety management system (SMS) audits.

Learn more about how SafetyNet can improve your construction site safety process by contacting our team, downloading one of our white papers, reading a case study and listening to video testimonials from our customers, or accessing other general resource information from our learning center.