Improved Behavior Based Safety (BBS) Programs with SafetyNet

BBS Software can drive employee engagement in your Work Safety Program


Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S) programs have continued to evolve and improve over the last four decades, as measured by a generally declining injury and fatality rate. Much of this progress has been the result of “conditions” or “compliance” based EHS Programs. However, there are many folks in the EHS world who believe that in order to truly achieve a world class safety culture, a focus on human behavior in the workplace is also critical. These people advocate for the inclusion of a Behavior Based Safety focus in addition to focusing on safety compliance and conditions.

The origins of Behavior-Based Safety stem from a sub-discipline of psychology called Applied Behavior Analysis. Within safety, this discipline focuses on what directs and motivates peoples’ safety-related behaviors. Behavior Based Safety programs attempt to improve the safety culture by getting the people closest to the risks to provide safety-related feedback to each other in a coaching manner, and then analyze the collected information to identify systems that may facilitate risky behaviors over the long term. This employee engagement is at the heart of most Behavior-Based Safety processes – if your employees aren’t engaged, you can’t collect the observations that fuel the analysis that identifies your highest areas of risk.

Most companies struggle to achieve this employee engagement for several reasons. First, the data (in the form of observations) is too difficult to collect and employees get frustrated trying to collect it. Second, once the data is collected, there is no way to effectively analyze the data and identify the highest risk behaviors so employees question the value of collecting it in the first place. Finally, if the data can be collected, and then analyzed to identify the highest risk behaviors, communicating that information directly to the folks who can change human behavior on the jobsite is difficult. This is where a safety software system like Predictive Solutions’ SafetyNet can help support a Behavior Based Safety program and make it sustainable over the long term by driving employee engagement.

SafetyNet can automate the collection of human observations that are at the heart of any Behavior Based Safety program through the use of smartphones and mobile computers and even paper-based scanning systems. Easy observation collection systems are the first step to fueling your Behavior Based Safety analysis engine. Once collected, SafetyNet can then be used to perform advanced analytics on the safety observations to identify and even predict a company’s highest risk behaviors – often in seconds rather than in days, weeks, or even months. Finally, once the high risk behaviors are identified, a robust reporting suite can get that information into the hands of managers and frontline employees in a digestible format that can be translated into behavior change on the jobsite.

SafetyNet supports employee engagement, through efficient data collection, analysis, and dissemination, which leads to measurable incident reduction results. This drives further employee engagement, which drives even better and more sustainable results – a “virtuous cycle” of engagement and improvement. See the chart below that shows this virtuous cycle effect over a program that has been sustained across the last five years.