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Our Customers Use SafetyNet to Save Lives.

Our customers reduce and manage risk by collecting, analyzing, and predicting risks to safety in one place.

With more than 235 million unique observations and nearly 80,000 observers from more than 16,000 worksites around the world, Predictive Solutions is the industry leader in predicting injuries before they occur

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How SafetyNet is Helping Me

At the Predictive Solutions 2015 customer conference, several customers shared how SafetyNet is helping them and their organizations to save time, save money, increase efficiency, and – above all else – keep their workers safe. Click the video to hear from actual SafetyNet users how SafetyNet is helping them.

Safety Risk Management Best Practices with SafetyNet

Gilbane Building Company was using internal and external parties to manage its risks with little success due to disconnected communication. The company decided to utilize SafetyNet to coordinate and monitor the effort of this multi-party collaboration. As a result, Gilbane reduced its workplace injury rate by 47% and was honored with the industry’s highest safety award.

SafetyNet Reduces Workplace Injury Rate at Cummins

In 2009, Cummins Rocky Mountain (CRM) implemented SafetyNet by Predictive Solutions and the results were dramatic. The company experienced:
-76% decrease in recordable incident rate
-88% decrease in lost time injuries
-97% decrease in lost work days
-22% decrease in property damage cases

Behavior-Based Safety Improvements Save Lives

Southern Company implemented the SafetyNet in 2006 and saw immediate result in a reduction of incident rate. By 2009, the rate stagnated due to low employee engagement. To rejuvenate the stalled safety program, Predictive Solutions worked with Southern Company to implement a STEP-Change service to transform the program.

Within 18 months of implementing the STEP-Change Program, Southern Company reinvigorated and engaged its people and was able to surpass its previous incident rate reduction levels. Initiated by a 646% increase in safety observations, which fueled higher levels of advanced and predictive analytics that drove both corrective and preventive actions, E&CS’ incident rates dropped by 67%.

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