Our Software Saves Lives by Predicting Workplace Injuries

Flexible Forms

A new addition to SafetyNet – creating lists, custom checklists – an overview of how this long sought after feature gives you flexibility like never before.

Applied Severity and Calibration

This session will explain severity from a Safety Manager’s perspective and how to make consistent decisions across your organization.  Also, a high level overview on how to evaluate if you’re calibrated based on the...

Practical Data Use Plan

Creating a plan to use your data by selecting the target audience, determining the frequency of receipt and structuring a conversation based on the value of each data point.

Predictive Solutions Launches SmartWork™

SmartWork builds on existing solutions to improve safety and productivity of workplaces worldwide Pittsburgh, PA – 20 September 2017 – Predictive Solutions, the worldwide leader in delivering actionable insights on workplace risk, is pleased to announce the launch of...

Advanced Analytics

This covers the more advanced features and their application of the reporting suite within SafetyNet.  Trending, Ad Hoc Analytics, Formulas, Conditional Formatting and Advanced Sorting are...

How BBS differs from other safety processes

BBS (Behavior Based Safety) is a process which focuses on employee behavior during work tasks or in reaction to nearby environmental events. These can include poor lighting, other equipment failures, process breakdowns, or other work conditions. There are four aspects...
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