Safety PROCESS Services

safety-process-servicesKeeping a workplace safe does not happen on its own. Ideally, current and new employees should come to work with complete trust that their company has an established process in place to keep them safe and productive – otherwise, why would they show up? This process, however, is often the result of either trial and error over time, or a decision by the organization on what it collectively believes is right.

Process Services by Predictive Solutions are designed to help organizations build a process that makes safety data easy to collect and actionable. It helps define exactly what safety-based activities are right for a particular work environment. Our proven Implementation Path Methodology ensures that technology will work in concert with an organization’s people and process, resulting in sustainable improvements to an EH&S culture. By harnessing the power of historical incident data, safety reports, etc., our team is able to take your organization’s current safety process to new heights. We focus on improving the process to be as efficient, transparent, and reactive as possible, thereby sustaining a more risk-averse and productive environment.

How are Safety Process Services Deployed?

Based on your organization’s health and safety Vision/Strategy/Plan (VSP), we help define where you currently are, where you want to be, and how to get there.

  • We evaluate your historical data (incidents, inspections, etc.) and review your current safety processes and reports on site.
  • We use this data to devise an Inspection Strategy, which includes a checklist structure and pre-inspection considerations to ensure each inspection is as impactful as possible.
  • We determine what data is important, to whom within the organization it is important, and build a process that makes data easy to collect and actionable for the right people.
  • We identify gaps in communication, process efficiency, and responsiveness and work with key players in the organization to tighten up loose areas.
  • We establish a Data Use Plan that allows key players to identify leading indicators and ensure that important data is reviewed at the right frequency, by the right person with a clear call to action.
  • We continuously help to improve the safety process, making sure it is sustainable, adaptable, and in line with stakeholder’s vision.
  • Recommendations on process and technology moving forward.