Leaders don’t want reports. They want answers!

“What will our sales, productivity, and profits look like over the next quarter?” Business leaders want direct answers to challenging business questions like this one. Functions like sales, operations, and finance can easily answer this question because they’ve moved beyond simple lagging indicator reports. They are now using leading indicators, and even predictive analytics to drive better results.

There is no debate that the use of predictive algorithms have been successful in other business applications like credit scoring (FICO), Internet search results (Google), and shopping (Netflix and Amazon), and now they are proven in safety.

Saving Lives at Work

From this white paper, learn how safety functions are using predictive analytics to predict and prevent workplace injuries in addition to answering challenging business questions.

This paper will take a comprehensive look at this topic by answering the following questions:

  • Who is employing predictive analytics in safety?
  • Why are companies employing predictive analytics in safety?
  • Why are companies struggling to deploy predictive analytics programs on their own?
  • What is predictive analytics as applied to safety?
  • How is predictive analytics applied in safety programs?
  • Where is safety prediction headed in the future?