Getting Enough Data

What they do:

Problems with getting data can have a lot to do with a company’s safety culture. Many times a company does not have a process in place to consistently and accurately gather data.

What we do:

Predictive Solutions simplifies the process of data gathering by developing smart Aps for iPhone, iPad, Android and Blackberry devices. This makes it simple to gather observational data and record it.

Getting Quality Data

What they do:

Many companies don’t have a consistent criteria when gathering data. This makes it more difficult to make use use of the data gathered.

What we do:

Based on our experience with massive amounts of data sets, we developed key (something or other) that aides companies in gathering relevant, consistent data.

Analyzing the Data

What they do:

Many companies simple don’t have the tool set to accomplish predictive analytics.

What we do:

One of our primary strengths is analyzing data. Based on (A whole heck of a lot) of safety observations across a broad range of industries in our database, we have developed sophisticated models that can predict work place accidents with 80 – 97% accuracy.

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  1. To what extent are advanced predictive analytics being leveraged in the safety industry?
  2. What is the role of large and diverse data sets in safety analytics?
  3. Are safety predictive models intended to replace safety professionals?
  4. What kind of accuracy levels can these predictive models deliver?
  5. How do these models perform when it comes to correlating predictive vs actual incidents at a work site?
  6. How are factors that influence incident levels identified?
  7. What is the cost of a recordable  workplace incident?
  8. Can historic incident data be relied upon for injury prevention?

And Many more!