Self-insured, risk pool, large SIR, or first-dollar coverage? Insurance Companies, brokers, and consultants use Predictive Solutions to create tighter partnerships when the stakes are high.

Many insurance and consulting organizations use Predictive Solutions to help customers better manage their risk through inspection programs, surveys, and audits.

With Predictive Solutions, consultants and insurers gain insight into customers' risk levels and trends by deploying digital safety observation programs. By establishing a system for ongoing reporting that keeps risk at the forefront of your customers' minds, and with the data gathered, build reliable benchmarks across your customer base to understand where to focus your energies. To proactively manage exposure, help your customers understand which contractors, projects, and locations are most at risk. Build deeper relationships with your customers and demonstrate your value by presenting them with actionable analytics in near real-time. Predictive Solutions products are here to help establish and reinforce your role as an advisor when it comes to safety preparation.

Insurance and Consulting Companies Rely on Predictive Solutions to:

  • For Insurers:
    • Provide a data-driven approach for risk managers and account representatives to approach accounts
    • Proactively help insureds manage changes in regulations, such as OSHA' Silica, Beryllium, Walking-Working Surfaces, and other updates
    • Identify risk trends across multiple insureds and a variety of industries
    • Empower underwriters with a deeper insight into risk exposure
    • Prevent claims through the use of leading indicator data
  • For Brokers and Consultants:
    • Differentiate the value proposition to clients through the use of data-driven safety management
    • Help clients collect more predictive safety data by building a strong safety observation program
    • Use data to promote a more accurate risk profile to underwriters
  • For Self-Insured and Large SIR:
    • Win more business by promoting proactive safety initiatives
    • Maintain eligibility to participate in Captive insurance programs
    • Reduce claims paid through loss prevention