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Data Collection & Visualization

At Predictive Solutions, we continually look for new and innovative ways to improve workplace safety. To that end, we are proud to announce SmartWork Analyze and SmartWork Collect.

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SmartWork Analyze

The most advanced business intelligence tool in the safety market, allowing users to visualize and dissect their data with the click of a button

SmartWork Collect

Transforming how data is defined and collected through increased adaptability of forms

SmartWork Analyze grants me the ability to quickly and easily communicate with my project teams and my executive team on the safety climate of our company based on real time data” said Billy Powell, Regional Safety Manager at Donley’s Inc. “This addition to our toolbox allows us to stay proactive in our approach to safety.  This also allows me the ability to more accurately allocate my time to the projects that need my help, making me a more efficient resource to our project teams.

Billy Powell

Regional Safety Manager, Donley's, Inc.

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