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Safety inspections, checklists, and audits are the foundation of all safety management programs. Are your current safety processes as efficient and effective as they could? To create a sustainable safety program that has a tangible impact on workers’ safety, process consistency and automation are key. The best way to ensure your employees are safe is with safety software that relies on both leading and lagging indicators to help focus your resources in the right areas.  DecreaseChart_PSC

The statistics speak for themselves. Clients rely on our industry-leading software and our staff of experienced safety professionals to get results. With SafetyNet’s advanced and predictive analytics and/or SmartWork’s easy-to-use workflow creation and automation, organizations have the tools to create a safety environment focused on continuous improvement and ensuring every employee makes it home safely every day.

Predictive Solutions’ clients rely on our safety inspection, checklist, and audit solutions to:

  • Increase process efficiency through mobile technology and automation

  • Quickly gather and transform data into actionable information

  • Prioritize the use of limited safety resources to areas that will make the most impact

  • Predict and prevent incidents and injuries

  • Communicate action-items and results between leadership and workers to create a culture of continuous improvement

From construction and manufacturing sites, to oil, gas, and utility companies, Predictive Solutions’ helps you get results. 




Case Study: Improving Workplace Injury Prevention and Experience Modification Rates

Case Study Brief:

Predictive Solutions' SafetyNet software was originally implemented by one contractor to improve employees’, contracted partners’, and insurers’ understanding and participation in their safety program. Using SafetyNet, they collaborated on workplace safety inspections to review and implement key findings from the advanced and predictive analysis of the inspection data. Over the next four years, they were able to reduce the workplace injury rate by nearly 50% while achieving an EMR (Experience Modification Rate) nearly 60% better than their industry average by tracking corrective and preventative actions with SafetyNet.

From construction and manufacturing sites, to oil, gas, and utility companies, Predictive Solutions’ helps you get results.

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