Workplace Safety Inspection Data Collection Methods

Using mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets, as well as PCs, paper forms and scanners, our customers gather more than 1.8 million workplace safety observations every month. This data collection effort is what fuels the advanced and predictive analytics that allow our customers to prevent injuries before they occur.

Workplace Safety Data Collection: Mobile Devices

The best way to collect workplace data in real time is often through the use of mobile devices. In addition to the ability to collect data in both online and offline modes, users can often leverage other functionalities of the devices to add detail to the data including the camera, voice-to-text dictation, and date/time stamping.


Desktop Browser Application

Personal computers can be used to enter data directly into the web-based SafetyNet application. Customers can use this method when several employees are collecting data using paper forms that are submitted to one collection point for bulk data entry.


Scanners can be used to automate the paper-based data input process, as opposed to manual data entry. This solution is most often employed by behavior-based safety programs in which hundreds or even thousands of inspection cards are completed each month.