QualityNet: Quality Assurance Software and Quality Control Solutions


In helping our customers to predict their workplace injuries, we have discovered that there are many complimentary processes, in addition to safety, that our solutions can address. One of those processes is quality. Much like injuries, quality defects have many observable indicators and are preventable. For instance, if flashing around the windows within an office space is not properly installed, or the wrong materials are used, the windows become at risk of developing leaks. QualityNet enables customers to identify defects like this early on in order to proactively address them. It also measures the effectiveness of customer’s Quality Assurance and Quality Control processes to produce leading indicators which identify where quality defects are likely to occur.

Quality Control Data Collection

QualityNet customers use smartphones, such as the iPhone, Android devices and most BlackBerry devices, as well as computers and scanners, to gather information about their Quality Assurance and Control processes. This information generates key indicators that identify areas at risk for quality defects.  This data fuels our predictive models.Learn more about our data collection methods here.

Data Quality

The indicators produced by QualityNet are only as good as the information they are based upon. QualityNet helps holds employees accountable for actively monitoring quality processes, identifying compliant and non-compliant issues, and observing items appropriate to the end product being produced.

Predicting Quality Control Defects

Managers and Leaders use QualityNet’s leading and lagging reports and metrics to predict where defects are likely to occur. Our customers use this insight to make operational, production or material changes that prevent defects from occurring. As quality inspections go up, incidents and injuries go down.

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