Today, business functions like sales, operations, and finance can easily answer these questions. Why? Because they’ve been utilizing advanced and predictive analytics techniques for many years. These business functions have moved past simple lagging indicator reports, into leading indicator analysis, and sometimes even into predictions about future outcomes that drive optimization initiatives.

Can your safety function provide this same level of analysis and insight? If not, view this webinar to learn how companies with highly evolved safety cultures and programs are able to provide this level of insight – even to the point of being able to predict and prevent workplace injuries.

View this webinar to learn the who, what, where and why of predictive analytics in safety. Predictive Solutions has built thousands of safety predictive models, some with accuracy rates as high as 97%. In it are our findings from these research and development efforts. Also discussed are the steps to successfully implementing a predictive analytics strategy, as well as common challenges faced in doing so, in order to ultimately predict and prevent workplace injuries.

Viewers will learn the answers to the following questions:

  • What is predictive analytics as applied to safety?
  • Who is using predictive analytics in safety?
  • Why are safety functions using predictive analytics?
  • What challenges do companies face in deploying predictive analytics programs on their own?
  • Where is safety prediction headed in the future?