Oil, Gas, & Utilities

When risk management is a top priority, oil, gas, and utilities count on Predictive Solutions software to establish efficient processes without compromising accountability.

Oil, gas, and utilities companies have some of the riskiest and most intricate operations, with complex governmental regulations applying to them all. Under these conditions, work groups must ramp up and down with contractors and employees alike. Predictive Solutions delivers valuable visibility to organizations experiencing this constant fluctuation in work environments and teams.

Predictive Solutions enables oil, gas, and utilities companies to measure risk and gain insight across third-party employees and partners, work areas, work groups, regions, and activities. By using our open issues reporting, safety administrators are able to establish a culture of accountability and ensure follow-up and resolution takes place for unsafe items.

The transparent nature of our safety program reporting also allows teams to report on wins, reinforce the importance of safety policy, and keep all workers focused not only on their own safety, but that of their colleagues, as well.

Oil, Gas, and Utilities Companies Rely on Predictive Solutions to:

  • Create safety processes specific to confined work, hot work, cold work, permits, and others that enable leading indicator trend analysis and reporting for incident prevention
  • Ensure new regulatory requirements are addressed in safety processes and reporting for compliance
  • Track and resolve unsafe items with open issues reporting to proactively manage production issues and drive accountability and engagement
  • Provide transparency into safety programs to promote quality participation in the field with actionable insights
  • Collect an analyze leading indicator data to predict and reduce safety incidents




Standardize data collection across teams to gain better risk insights with SafetyNet, our flagship observation program. Many oil, gas, and utilities companies have consolidated data in SafetyNet from different departments, work groups, teams, and contractors, enabling them to analyze trends in risk and safety across their organizations.

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Leverage SmartWork to create forms and workflows for oil, gas, and utilities companies' key safety processes such as those for confined work, hot work, cold work, and permits. Add efficiency and control to EHS programs, from certifications to permits and approval workflows.

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Rely on our Professional Services team of experts to transform your safety management program. Join other oil, gas, and utilities companies who rely on Predictive Solutions services to deliver results for Predictive Analytics, Behavior-Based Culture, and Leadership-Driven Safety Processes.

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Utility Company Reduces Safety Incident Rate by 42%

Case Study: Following a Behavior-Based Observation Program

Case Study Brief:

With Predictive Solutions, a utility customer implemented a behavior-based safety observation program that delivered the ability to efficiently collect data and advanced/predictive analytics capabilities. They immediately saw results with a safety incident rate that fell by 42% throughout the first year.

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